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Product Description

Image 1 in the Align series is yes, the first image ever created. It is the catalyst and the inspiration behind these unique golf creations. Many look at this image and see different things. One Golfer once said it reminded him of all the tee shots he had great hope for, but yet ended up in the water. Another who simply appreciated fine art said, the movement of the water verses the solidity of the golf ball kept her focused so hard that she thought it might move before her very eyes.

These images were created one day in 2010 when my two passions united. The merging of goIf and photography became art. I didn’t want the typical, ‘ball rolling into hole’ shot. So I headed out to my studio with my new purchase, a Canon macro lens, and some ideas in my head. A few hundred shots later, the concept was born. The photos utilize a piece of golf equipment and incorporate one of the three main elements of golf: grass, sand, or water. My dream of creating the ‘Align’ series became a reality!

“Alignment” refers to the way a golfer positions himself relative to the golf ball – his feet, knees, hips and shoulders should all be lined up square (parallel) to the target line. Another way of putting it: “alignment” refers to a golfer’s aim, and his body must be aligned properly to carry out that aim. A golfer can make the perfect swing, but if his alignment is off, the ball won’t go where he wants it to go. Poor alignment sometimes plays a role in creating slices or hooks; and – obviously – if your alignment has you pointing somewhere other than straight down the target line, you are less likely to hit the ball on that target line.

So, what might poor alignment look like? The woods, a sand trap, the rough, or water


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